Friday, July 18, 2014

Make like Bender

 Bender / Futurama
I won’t be posting for a couple of weeks as we’re off on holiday. So just a quick note to say thanks for reading & commenting. I hope you all manage to get away somewhere this summer and have a very well-deserved break.

Okay? Right? So... Cheese it!


TomVee said...

Spence, wow, have good one! Relax, read, dream, "let your soul dangle freely" as we say in my country, and enjoy every minute!

jacksofbuxton said...

cheese it?

Have a fantastic holiday Spence,hope you and the family have a fantastic time.

We're also away for 3 nights in Barcelona and a week in the South of France.

Compare notes with you upon our returns.

Spence Kennedy said...

Will do, TV. Thanks so much for commenting & reading - and here's to a happy summer holiday for you & yours!

Cheers, Jack. Barcelona & Sth France sounds fantastic. Have a wonderful time. BTW - Bender says 'cheese it' just before he runs away - app it was in West Side Story, the gangs said it before the police arrived, but I haven't seen WSS so it's only what I read...

Cassandra said...

Why is everyone going on vacation?! Well, I suppose that's the thing to do in summer. I don't think I've ever gone on vacation in summer. Come to think of it… I'm not certain I've ever just gone on vacation. It's always been a trip to see family, if anything. Does that count? Just packing up and going away for the sake of going away and enjoying myself… nope. Never done it. That means you have to have extra fun and relaxation for me ^_^

Spence Kennedy said...

After an eight hour delay at the airport, I was asking myself the very same question. But it's okay now! I think so long as you resist the tyranny of holidays to have fun and do stuff, they're fine - would recommend, in fact! I'll raise a glass to you tonight, Cass :)

Anonymous said...

aw just chillax or whatever.

Spence Kennedy said...

ooh yeeahh! x