Monday, July 02, 2012

somewhere nice

I was here only the other day. In fact, kneeling down on Deidre’s porch by the key safe, scrolling through the numbers, the only difference would seem to be that the sun is overhead and not the moon. More than déjà vu, I have a sudden, clammy feeling that actually I haven’t moved at all, that I’m coming round from a long sleep.
I look to the side. Deidre’s cat Cecil is sitting on the porch watching me. It’s like that scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, where Aslan breathes on Mr Tumnus to unfreeze him.
I ruffle Cecil’s head, then stand up with the key.
Cecil clacks back through the flap; I open the door.
‘Hello? Ambulance?’
Night or day the scene is always the same. A house utterly quiet, a chandelier hanging above the hallway like some lush stalactite in a cavern of antiques.
It’s a little unnerving, this carpet-thick silence, but after a few visits the apprehension that something is wrong diminishes.
Down a long, shadowy corridor towards the only open door on that side – Deidre’s bedroom. And Deidre, her arm in a padded sling, sitting up in bed.
‘Oh hello Duck. Did you let yourself in, then? I’m so sorry to have called you out but I didn’t know what to do. I fell on the floor, I’ve made such a fool of myself. I haven’t broken anything I don’t think. I pressed my buzzer and everything but then I thought I’d better try to get up at least. I’m sorry to have bothered you.’
‘So you’re all right, then?’
‘You’re all right? You haven’t hurt yourself?’
She plucks at the duvet with her good hand. Cecil mee-ows once, cleanly, decisively, and leaps up to join her on the bed.
‘I’m no good anymore,’ says Deidre. ‘Am I? I’m no good. What use am I to anyone? Why don’t you carry a gun in that bag of yours so you can shoot me? Just shoot me and get it over with. I mean what’s the point? I’m no use to anybody like this. Every night I go to bed and pray for the Lord to take me but he doesn’t, does he? Why hasn’t the Lord taken me? He’s taken everyone else. I’ve had a good life and it’s high time I went. But here I am, aren’t I? Hey? I say here I am.’
She stares up at me, petting the cat. Cedric springs up against the weight of her hand a couple of times, his tail straight up like an aerial, then breaks away to the side table where he reaches a paw into her water glass and starts flipping some into his mouth. I make a mental note to check his food and water before I go.
‘You daft apeth,’ she says, hauling him back. He looks scandalised for a second or two, shrugs, then settles down to clean himself.
I pull up a chair and begin writing out the form, stopping now and then to tickle the cat.
On the dresser is a picture of Deidre in a Hollywood-style dress, fur trim and diamante flash, arm in arm with a brilliantined moustache in a tux.  
‘Where did you meet your husband?’ I ask her.
‘Which one? I was married four times,’ she says.
‘I don’t know. That one.’
‘Which one?’
‘Him there.’
She sits up and peers forward. Even Cecil stops preening his hind quarters, glancing over his shoulder with one leg in the air.
‘I’ve no idea,’ says Deidre, relaxing back again and closing her eyes. ‘Somewhere nice.’


jacksofbuxton said...

I think we could all do with being somewhere nice Spence.4 times married?Maybe that's why Deidre is so knackered.

Spence Kennedy said...

Four times is quite impressive - romantic optimist or glutton for punishment? No wonder she has trouble remembering. The somewhere nice thing I completely agree with - looking out the window - July??? Seriously??? :/

Family Affairs said...

FOUR TIMES?? and she can't even remember where she met one of them - love it - gives me hope for the future - although I'd better hurry up if I've got to fit another three in in quick succession and then forget about them Lx

Spence Kennedy said...

I'll have to find out if she stayed married to the first husband for years then got through three in quick succession, or spaced them out more evenly. Def more work needed...

Thx for the comment, L. The way you capitalise FOUR TIMES made me laugh - that was pretty much my reaction on scene...!

MetalDog said...

Spence - this line: "More than déjà vu, I have a sudden, clammy feeling that actually I haven’t moved at all..."

Is so nice I am sorely tempted to paraphrase it (steal it) the next time I'm writing my sci-fi pew pew stories.

My grandma used to ask me the 'what use am I to anyone?' question all the time in her last few years. I just used to say 'maybe there's something you haven't done yet?', but it it's a downer of a question. Still, I bet Cecil is glad she's around.

Spence Kennedy said...

No worries, MD - feel free to use (flattered that you might). BTW - what's a sci-fi pew pew story?

It is a downer question, and difficult to address because it's repeated without much connection - a bit of a script she's used to saying. I don't doubt she's depressed, though, and I hope that's being looked into. I would hesitate to put in a vulnerable adult form, though, as her care environment is pretty comfortable, to be honest. Def true about Cecil - he's well & truly landed on his paws!

MetalDog said...

Make your hand into a gun and say 'pew! pew!'

I do not write fine literature, I like shooting people and firing people into the sun =D

Spence Kennedy said...

Sounds fine to me! Pee-owwhh!

Which reminds me - still haven't got round to seeing that D Boyle film with Cillian Murphy in it about a mission to the sun. Must add that to the LoveFilm list...