Saturday, June 26, 2010

a triple alignment

2010. Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere, six days past Summer solstice, 23° 26', the point of maximum inclination of the earth’s rotational axis towards the sun. The nights will lengthen, the days shorten. There will be a full moon on Sunday 27th June.

2010. FIFA World Cup. England will qualify as Group C runners up for the last 16. Through to the knockout stage, they will play Germany at the Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein at 3pm, Sunday 27th June.

2010. A weather system of high pressure will settle over the south, leading to a continuation and intensification of unusually high temperatures for the time of year. The hottest night of the year - light winds, clear skies - will be on Sunday 27th June.

Moon. Match. Mugginess: a triple alignment.

Working a night shift. [Holy crap]


Rach said...

Don't begrudge you that one Spence, mad dogs and englishmen and all that plus a full moon.

Our A&E had the busiest Saturday night of the year for the first game, doesn't bode well does it?? x

Anonymous said...

Thats like asterogical kick in the nuts!
Have fun!

Spence Kennedy said...

Thanks Rach & VT
I'll let you know how I get on. (If you don't hear from me, assume the worst...) :/

uphilldowndale said...

Stay as cool as is possible, I prescribe lavender oil!(well sod all else will help!)

lulu's missives said...

Hi S,
I can only assume you are struggling through all the drunken, depressed England fans out there who have fallen down stairs or walked into a lamp post too plastered to know the difference.
Hope you survive!
x jo

icecold said...

I work nights in a hospital and I always check the lunar calender!

Spence Kennedy said...

Thanks UHDD
I love the smell of lavender. We've got lots in the garden. I'm prepared to try anything that might work (but I'm especially reliant on air con) x

Hey Jo
Yep - made it (just). Not at all what I was expecting - RTCs, abdo pains, alcoholic falls (but not football related). Glad it's over! x

Hey Icecold
It really seems to have an effect. But I don't mind working full moon's actually. It's quite picturesque! x