Saturday, June 29, 2013

night voices

Where’s the wife? Don’t tell the wife.
Man, 32, lying at the bottom of some concrete steps, his bloody head being held by a police officer.

I’m his uncle. If I say he’s all right, he’s all right
Man, 60, standing over him.

Will I survive the night, d’you think?
Woman, 94, being tucked up in bed after a non-injury fall

Stop! You’re filling me up with drunks.
Nurse in charge of resus

Do you do heart attacks?
Husband of patient, whilst waiting to handover

You can stand down. Towering Inferno turns out to be a barbecue on a balcony.
Fire Command Officer

We’re getting married next month. Maybe I can work this into my speech.
Man, 28, lying on ambulance trolley.

I had the oysters. For some reason.
Woman, 26, scratching and feeling faint on the sofa.

As a Marvel action-superhero films go, it’s pretty shit. But if you take it as a big, trashy gay laugh, it’s brilliant.
Paramedic, taking his thirty minutes in front of Sky movies.

I told the doctor all about it but he wasn’t interested. He never is. You’ve barely got time to sit down before he’s showing you the door.
Woman, 74

Do you like cats? These two are nineteen. They don’t do much. But I’ve got some livelier ones in the kitchen.
Woman, 80


tpals said...

Fun glimpses, Spence. :)

Spence Kennedy said...

Cheers, tpals. Thought I'd try something different... ;)

jacksofbuxton said...

People do come out with some nonsense sometimes.

Barber,40,at work.

Spence Kennedy said...

I always come out with complete nonsense when I'm at the barbers. I think it's because I'm sitting in front of a big mirror and it makes me self-conscious. It's got to the stage where I need a pre-med before I'll sit in that chair.

That could be a niche market, Jacks - nervous clients catered for

Which reminds me - I need to go to the barbers soon (blanches).

PS How far is it to Buxton..?

Anonymous said...

How far is it to Buxton, depends where you start from. Which ever way you go its up hill and down dale...
Keep collecting those snippets of conversation Spence, they are like those 'interesting' pebbles from the beach, you just have to bring them home...

Spence Kennedy said...

230 miles, I've just found out!

I must admit that's the first time I've collected together a night's worth of snippets. Mostly I link something specific to a job and remember it that way - but you're right, it could be the way to go.. :)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

These are great, Spence, thanks for sharing them.

Spence Kennedy said...

You're welcome, L. Thanks for reading them!