Sunday, December 02, 2012

New book! Free!

I’ve just published my next book on Amazon. It’s a thriller called Into the Eclipse, and it’ll be free to download for the next 5 days (from morning of Mon 03 Dec – to the end of Fri 07 Dec). I’d love to know what you think of it. It’s quite different from Frank’s Last Call in that it’s entirely fictional, and written as a novel rather than the novelisation of a blog.

Here’s the blurb I put up on Amazon:


The solar eclipse.
For many it was a natural spectacle, a beautiful quirk of astronomy.
For Ella, it was one last chance to save her daughter.

When Kate leaves home to go to university, she is recruited by a secretive organisation and severs all links to her family. Ella, her mother, tries desperately to win her back. Eventually she turns to Noah, an anti-cult campaigner. Together they face up to an organisation prepared to do anything to protect itself, as it moves inexorably towards one final, cataclysmic event.

An exploration of faith and redemption, Into the Eclipse follows the paths of several very different lives as they intersect during a solar eclipse.


As always, a review on Amazon would be very much appreciated!

With thanks again for all your support and encouragement.



petrolhead said...

Can't wait to download it, I'm sure it'll be brilliant!


family Affairs said...

WOW book TWO?? That is impressive. I haven't finished book one yet. Did you do it all as ebooks?? Good for you LX

Anonymous said...

I have been desperately asking Father Christmas to bring me a kindle for the last three years. So far He has ignored my pleading, and has delivered, with out fail, slippers, smellies and in a peculiar twist last year, a car care kit?. It looks like this year will be no different. My children have yet again chosen, on Christmas shopping for Mummy day, to visit Tony's CarMart and not, as I was hoping, Argos. So, having finally admitted defeat, I have bitten the bullet and downloaded 'Kindle for PC'. And the very first book I downloaded was 'Into the eclipse'. I have been following your blog for some years now and cannot wait to read this book. My second download will be Frank's last call (but that's a pay for one and it took me 3 hours to figure out the freebies). I have been dying to read it for ages. So in short, many thanks for your blog and also many, many thanks for giving me the kick up the bum I needed to admit defeat and download 'Kindle for PC'. When I unwrap my bargain bumper pack of De-Icer, with FREE Ice Scraper! on Christmas Morning I shall simply smile, be thankful that my Kids bought me anything at all, and then go download me a book or two.
All the best,
Mum of 3.

The Girl said...

downloading it to my kindle for PC now
thank you very much
hope you have a great Xmyth.

jacksofbuxton said...

Downloaded Spence.

Once I've finished The 39 Steps (the book,not the exercise programme or the running bit from Rocky) I'll read and review for you.

We did agree cash didn't we?

Geren Argyll said...

Downloaded and I stayed up far too late last night reading it - so far, really enjoying it. In fact, I'm wondering if I could get away with going back to bed just now and finishing it off?

Also, have to say, just love that front cover ;-)

Spence Kennedy said...

Petrolhead - Thanks v much! Fingers crossed you like it.

Family Affairs - It looks very productive, but like I say, I was working on it for a while in the background, so actually the reverse is probably true! They are both ebooks, but I'll look into making hard copies available at some point.

Mo3 - That sounds suspiciously like Father Christmas is just buying the presents HE'D want. Have you ever been given a Reindeer Grooming Kit? That would clinch it.

I've got a Kindle, and I have to say that although I still prefer reading old-style books (you know - paperbacks - not huge, leather and iron bound artifacts written on goat skin or something), the Kindle is incredibly useful. It's an adjunct to the reading life, just like iPod & the DAB radio are to the musical life (and me o'l geetar).

Thanks for downloading the book. Looking forward to hearing what you think.

The Girl - Cheers! Hope you like it! I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us again. The advent calendar is up; the countdown begins... and I'm actually off for the 3 days! :)

Jacks - Yep - owe you big time (rates still to be decided - I'll get my people to talk to your people). BTW - where were you yesterday when I needed a haircut? The guy who did it was all right, but he just couldn't talk and cut at the same time. He kept standing back when he chatted (mostly about Jake Bugg and Downton Abbey). I think he was on ecstasy ( the only things that would make either of those two acceptable). I resorted to staring like Paddington Bear at the shaver in his hand, but it didn't help. The haircut took a thousand years. I had to be hoisted out of the chair.

Footnote - I think the other guys in the shop are planning to kill him soon.

Spence Kennedy said...

Hey Kath (at Geren Argyll)

(BTW - For some reason your comment got published after I'd written those last replies...)

Thanks for reading the book! So glad you're liking it so far. The cover is great - absolutely right for the book. Thanks so much for letting me use the photo.

Hope you're well x

Journey-woman said...

Am excited about downloading it....haven't been around lately, life seems to be keeping me away, but how exciting when I return you have published a book.....I love your blog so I can't wait to read the book.....will let you know my I go to figure out how to do this...first e-book!

Spence Kennedy said...

Thanks, JW. I know you've had a difficult time of it lately. Hope you're okay now and bearing up. Thanks so much for the download - I'll be really interested (and not a little nervous) to see what you think. There'll be another one coming out in the new year (when I get round to the re-write). But after that, I'll have to write something new from scratch! :/

Mladen said...

Thanks, Spence!

That's so nice of you. Can't wait to get started...


Spence Kennedy said...

Hope you like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Only got back yesterday but I reckon it is at 77 pence, well worth it. Thank you for your continuing good writing. One of your other commentators wrote about the Christmas presents he received. I suppose my personal nadir was receiving a revolving tie rack. I'm a girl

Spence Kennedy said...

Hi Anon (where've you been?)

Well - I'd take the revolving tie rack off your hands, but seeing as I've only got one tie (does me for funerals, interviews, weddings and coroner's court) it'd look a bit lonely. Might be good for curing fish, though.

Who gives you a revolving tie rack? (A poor example of 're-gifting' I expect).

Hope you like the book...! :/ x