Sunday, May 07, 2006


Mrs Levington is quivering on her doorstep.
'Can you help me on with my coat? Are we going to the hospital? Will you check the door shuts properly behind me? Shall I take my frame? Will you take me all the way to the department?'

I help her outside.

'I use this to go to Age Concern' she says, inexpertly pushing a three wheeled walking aid. She doesn't know how to operate the brakes, and says she prefers using it half folded, so she can get through gaps.

As we drive along I ask her about her family.

'My eldest son - don't ask me what he does - it's complicated - he tried to explain it to me - it's so complicated. He's gone to London today. He had to go to London to work, that's why he couldn't drive me. I used to drive. For a company - what was it called? I used to go to London. I've got a daughter in B. and another son further up country, don't ask me where. It's complicated. None of them are married apart from the son who's gone to London. My daughter used to work for a travel agents but she didn't like it so now she's got something else - which she found difficult to get into, but now it's not so bad. Don't ask me what she's doing. She never did settle at anything. The other one is married and lives much higher up. I don't see him that often, and no idea what he does - it's complicated, I get confused. I used to drive, you know. I only stopped a little while ago. Where was it I used to work? I used to live in W. Then I had to sell up to move here. It's a brand new house. Three bedrooms. I live on my own, you know. But I used to live in W.'

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